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-A Zombie Nativity?

by Dr. D ~ December 2nd, 2015


                                            (Image source: NerdTalk Toys)

From the Blaze:

This year, Joseph, baby Jesus and the mother Mary might look a little different. In fact, they might be green, blue and purple if you buy NerdTalk Toys “Zombie Nativity.”

The irreverent twist on the very reverent scene features an undead angel and donkey and a zombie holy family, reminiscent of characters from AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead.”

In the pitch video on the toy company’s Kickstarter page, NerdTalk founders Ashley Gojic and Justin Contre play the part of a “marketing team” sharing their invention with people depicted as religious leaders.

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Response: What do you think?

If you view the ‘Kickstarter video,’ you will note that a variety of Christian leaders are basically made fun of along with a prevailing message that ‘religion’ is going down’ and needs to be culturally updated. I actually thought is was funny while many could find it offensive and the message certainly is. I do consider the ‘nativity’ to be outrageous and a mockery of the Christian faith.

Fact is, this might be funny to many in America which is why I am not talking about a ‘War on Christmas’ this year since it was probably lost years ago with the onslaught of the first ‘Black Friday.’ I will however continue to post about how the American culture is changing in the celebration of Christmas and other holidays during this season.

Obviously this controversial nativity was meant to bring publicity to NerdTalk Toys which we are now guilty of helping. While we are helping out, here’s my suggestion for another controversial toy that NerdTalk could produce in the future- ‘A Zombie Muhammad with the Angel Gabriel.’ It would be interesting to see how Muslims might respond.               *Top

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