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-Hollywood Christmas Parade Picks 2 Atheists as Grand Marshals

by Dr. D ~ November 30th, 2015

LA’s famous “Hollywood Christmas Parade” will feature two atheists as the ‘grand marshals’ this year. Here’s the story from Breitbart News:

The Hollywood Christmas Parade has selected two famous atheists to be its grand marshals. Magicians Penn and Teller, both avowed atheists, will host the event, according to ABC 7.

Penn Jillette has written the books, “Every Day is an Atheist Holiday” and “God, No! Signs You May Already Be An Atheist and Other Magical Tales.”

Examples abound of the duo’s atheism.  …

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Response: And so it begins. The secularization of Christmas is already in full swing this year. It is an interesting choice since the two do not believe in any of the religious events that are at the foundation of the Christmas celebration. Penn says: Xmas is  “just a secular holiday.”

What do you think about this choice?

At least this may head off an attack from the FFRF atheist folks who are going all around the country trying to shut down every public Christmas event or at least force them to become more generic ‘holiday’ celebrations.

My parents took me to this parade a number of times when I was growing up. It always features a number of Hollywood celebrities in the parade and if I remember correctly on several occasions Jewish performers were ‘grand marshals.’ It was always more secular than religious, but at least ‘Christmas’ has been maintained in the name unlike a lot of public traditional events lately. Also I remember that in the past a few churches always had floats which emphasized the real meaning of Christmas.                *Top

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2 Responses to -Hollywood Christmas Parade Picks 2 Atheists as Grand Marshals

  1. mark

    Atheists involved in a religious ritual should be welcomed! Most atheists are secular celebrators of religious holidays anyway, including Richard Dawkins.

  2. Dr. D

    Thanks mark,
    I always appreciate your input. This choice does reflect the way our culture is going. Actually I like Penn even if I disagree with him on almost everything. He never hides his feeling and has called out Christians for not acting and following through on their avowed beliefs.

    I do think it is an ironic choice regardless.

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