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-Should Mosques Supporting ISIS and Terrorism be Shut Down?

by Dr. D ~ October 23rd, 2015


Donald Trump indicated in an interview that if he was elected President he might look into shutting down certain radical mosques in the fight against ISIS and terrorism. From the Daily News:

Donald Trump on Wednesday promised to close certain mosques in the U.S. if elected President.

Trump, discussing his strategy to fight ISIS during an interview on Fox Business Network, also said he would revoke the passports of U.S. citizens who have traveled abroad to fight for ISIS.

"I would do that," Trump said during a telephone interview after FBN host Stuart Varney asked him if he would favor revoking passports and closing mosques. "Absolutely. I think it’s great." …

Varney, however, then pressed the 2016 Republican front-runner, asking again: "Can you close a mosque? I mean, we do have religious freedom."

"Well, I don’t know," Trump responded in an apparent backpedal. "It depends on if the mosque is, you know, loaded for bear, I don’t know. You’re going to have to certainly look at it."

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Response: The Donald was shooting from the hip here but it does raise a good question. If the major teaching going on in a mosque supports terrorism and ISIS in particular should they be shut down?


If you really support freedom of religion you can’t say yes without potentially compromising your own religious liberty. I believe that the First Amendment protects free speech and all religious conversation but it does not protect against actions taken against the law.

Imams under our Constitution should be able to teach all they want in support of radical Islam, including terrorism and even ISIS. I believe that such imams and mosques can and should be publically condemned, nevertheless freedom of religion and free speech should apply. However, once a mosque or Imam is actually involved in planning terrorist events, raising funds, collecting weapons or bombs, and recruiting or hiding terrorists; that would cross the line and the First Amendment would no longer apply.


In America, folks can carry signs like the one above in parades and demonstrations all they want without breaking a law. But the minute they carry out the sentiments of that sign and actually try to hurt someone they have crossed the line and are subject to criminal prosecution.

In reality, the regular teaching of Islam and the Quran demands that the USA eventually be subjected to Islamic sharia law and the very Constitution that gives them freedom to teach be eventually abolished. So one should not be surprised when there is support for radical Islam among American imams and Muslims in general in this country. The Islamic conquering and domination of the whole world It is a natural part of their religion that should not be down played or ignored. Islam is what it is and has the freedom to be what it can be in America. Whether you like it or not and I sure don’t.

Some may make the claim that Christianity has similar beliefs; that Jesus will eventually come back and rule the world. However, the difference is that Jesus does it supernaturally. Christians are not expected to make it happen or force it on other people. We are only called to spread his teachings to every nation, people, and tongue.              *Top

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