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-Palestinian Muslim Leaders Want Control Over the Jewish Western Wall?

by Dr. D ~ October 20th, 2015


(Temple Mount/ Western Wall at front center left via Wikipedia)

UPDATE: Western Wall was not included in vote, but UN recognizes Rachel’s Tomb and Cave of the Patriarchs as ‘Islamic.’

Last month Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that the Jews were contaminating Muslim and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem with their “filthy feet.” This week the Palestinian authority is trying to get an UN vote to support their claim over the Western Wall which is the holiest site in Judaism.

Palestinian Muslim religious leaders already control the Temple Mount but are pushing for the right to regulate what also happens at the Western Wall where Jewish folks gather for prayers. Here’s the story from the Blaze:

Ynet reported Friday that as part of its proposal Palestinians will ask UNESCO to rename the Western Wall the “Buraq Plaza”:

         A new proposal to establish that the Western Wall is part of al-Aqsa Mosque is set to be submitted by the Palestinians to a vote at UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) next week, Ynet learned Thursday. […]

      “Since the Palestinians are not members of the committee, the six Arab states submitted the proposal on behalf of the Palestinians: Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates. However, senior Israeli sources say that the Palestinians are simultaneously acting to move the proposal to the UNESCO plenum, in which they are recognized as a state.”

Though Israeli diplomats said they were working to get the proposal quashed, given the abundance of Muslim and Arab countries at the U.N., Ynet assessed that it would likely pass.

<Read the whole article>

Response: I am writing about this development in order to show how the demands of the Palestinians go beyond any logical bounds. The Israeli authorities already allow Muslim religious leaders to control the Temple Mount in Jerusalem which is the third holiest site in Islam. Now they also want legal international authority to control the holiest site in Judaism?

It is a preposterous demand given the poor historical record of Muslim leaders protecting the important sites of other religions. Since so many have been destroyed under their ‘care.’ The Temple Mount Muslim authorities themselves have done all they can do to destroy any archeological evidence of a Jewish presence on the mount. Also, just last week Palestinian Muslims burned Joseph’s Tomb which is another Jewish Holy site which was supposedly protected by Palestinian security.

Add to that the following facts. Lately, Israeli police have had to rescue Christians and Jewish tourist visitors from roving bands of Muslims who have been encouraged by the Islamic religious authorities to harass non-Muslims visiting the Temple Mount. The Islamic authorities are allowed to provide their own security force for their two mosques on the mount but sometimes they are actually part of the problem and have confronted Israeli police protecting visitors. Also, on numerous occasions Palestinian Muslims have gathered on the mount to throw rocks down on the Jewish folks praying at the Wall. The Muslim security force never interferes. Now those same leaders want control of the Jewish Western Wall?

Currently the Western Wall is protected by Israeli police and regardless of the UNESCO vote this will continue to be the case. The Palestinians are seeking International legal authority over religious sites in Jerusalem but in reality nothing will change regardless of the outcome. Except the Palestinians will continue to take their complaints to a sympathetic UN and Israel will increasingly be cast as a villain and an international pariah.               *Top

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