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-ACLU Campaign to Force All Catholic Hospitals to Do Abortions

by Dr. D ~ October 14th, 2015


The ACLU is initiating a national campaign to use the courts to force all Catholic hospitals in America to do abortions and sterilizations which are contrary to the Catholic religion. Here’s the story from Townhall.com:

The strategy is clear: Use the anecdotal exception to destroy the general rule.

In the current scenarios, the ACLU is representing women who claim they need to be sterilized because of alleged threats to their health posed by future unwanted pregnancies, or they need to have access to abortion in case they have complications.

The women could utilize the services of another hospital. But instead, they are suing to force Catholic hospitals to perform the sterilizations or abortions.

The targets are the Ethical and Religious Directives for Health Care Services of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and the First Amendment’s religious freedom guarantee.

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Response: A few years ago such an attack against the Catholic Church and Christian institutions would have been unthinkable.  But the blood is in the water and the sharks are circling, timing is everything. Freedom of religion is under assault and religious convictions are being challenged everywhere over homosexuality and on the losing side mostly since the SCOTUS ruling for same-sex marriage. The ACLU lawyers obviously see this as a good environment to push their agenda against Christian institutions like Catholic hospitals who serve the public.

The women who are making the complaints could have gone to other hospitals to receive the services they want. However that no longer means a thing in the current cultural zeitgeist where bakers, printers, and marriage providers can be forced to provide services in spite of their religious beliefs.

I believe that they will be successful in a number of federal court rulings but would probably strike out with the current Supreme Court.  However, such cases could take a number of years to work their way through the courts so the makeup of the Supreme Court might be considerably different if the ACLU is able to push this all the way forward for an ultimate ruling.

In the end, if they are successful, this will be another case where the government forces people of faith and in this case religious institutions to do things which are contrary to their religious beliefs and convictions.  The Catholic Church looks upon their institutions as part of their religious mission and ministry. To force Catholic hospitals to do abortions and sterilizations would be oppressive. The Bill of Rights and the First Amendment in particular were written in the first place to protect citizens and the church from government oppression. But times are changing and our rights are under assault.               *Top

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