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-Now Serving Tacos is ‘Offensive’?

by Dr. D ~ October 10th, 2015


Are we now getting to a place in America where almost anything we do or say is offensive to someone somewhere? Seems to be the case. Here is the latest example of political correctness. Administrators at Clemson University were called out for being offensive and insensitive to Latinos on campus and the Mexican culture for featuring tacos in their campus cafeterias. Here’s the story from the Daily Caller:

Officials at Clemson University have apologized for serving a lot of Mexican food at a couple dining halls because two students found it offensive.

Clemson’s food-themed “Maximum Mexican” night, a student favorite, occurred on Wednesday night.

The two complaining students used the hashtag “#CUlturallyInsensitive,” reports Campus Reform.

One of the two students complained about the ongoing cafeteria fiesta by tweeting an image of cafeteria workers wearing sombreros. The caption of the tweet — which now appears to have disappeared — was: “Our culture isn’t a costume and we will not be mocked!”

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Response: The thing that really got me is the fact that the university administrators actually took this ‘offensive’ charge serious and apparently are going to act upon it. This is PC run amuck and taken to the absurd.

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4 Responses to -Now Serving Tacos is ‘Offensive’?

  1. Brian

    So, any student who is offended can get an item stricken from the menu (or an entire genre of food removed from the menu)? An Italian student could be offended by serving spaghetti? A Chinese student offended by sweet & sour pork? What if a student from France is offended that they serve crepes?

    The real precedent here is for Islamic students – what happens when an Islamic student (or student organization) says “henceforth, only Halal meat can be served in the student cafeteria, since our sensibilities are offended.”

    Halal would mean no pork can be served. And all meat would have to be blessed “in the name of Allah”.

    The precedent now exists that the school would have to cave to the demands of the Islamic body.


  2. Dr. D

    Brian, the Muslims are already demanding Halal and no pork in many public schools around the country and some have already responded to the demand even though the costs are increased in the process. This is particularly interesting in New York where Jewish folks never demanded to impose Kosher food on the majority.

  3. Brian

    You are quite correct, Dr. D. In the history of the Diaspora, it is impossible to find an example of Jews seeking to impose Kosher food (or other requirements of the Mosaic law) on non-Jews. This is true even when Jews were in a majority in a jurisdiction.

    It is, conversely, impossible to find an example of a Muslim majority NOT attempting to impose Islamic law/diet upon minority groups, in areas in which Islam is in the majority/in power.

    Keep in mind that a requirement that meat served in large educational institutions be “Halal” would have the hidden impact of putting non-Muslim butchers/meat packers out of business, or at the minimum forcing a meat packer to hire Islamic employees to conform with the requirements of Halal slaughter.

    Finally, it would force all Christian students at a school/university to eat food blessed in the name of Allah – this is an issue that is completely lost on our chattering class of secular elites but could be a major problem for many Evangelicals. I am sure that the Islamic advocates are keenly aware of the implications of making Christian students eat Halal food. Paul told the church in Corinth that they could eat meat offered to idols — as long as doing so would not cause your brother to stumble! So, if all Christian students at University “X” are forced to eat Halal meat, and the school’s Islamic organization is trumpeting the fact that all the meat being served in the dining hall is Halal, can a Christian student eat such meat with confidence that his actions will NOT cause some observer to stumble? The only recourse would be not to eat Halal.

    I am sure that the chattering class would say “well, Allah is just the same as the God of the Bible” to which the typical Evangelical would respond “no, he’s not.”.


  4. Dr. D

    Right on Brian, and when (not if) evangelical Christians refuse to eat Halal we will be looked upon as extremists not the Muslims who demanded the change. Also if we say that Allah is not the same as the God of the Bible we also will be considered as bigoted and closed minded. Regardless of the fact that even a cursory study of Islamic theology shows that their understanding of the personality and characteristics of Allah is vastly different than what is taught about God in the New testament and particularly in Christian theology.

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