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-Bring Your Bible to School Day

by Dr. D ~ October 8th, 2015

Today (Thursday October 8) was “Bring Your Bible to School Day” all across America. It is estimated that over 100,000 students did follow through and celebrate religious freedom in America by bringing their Bibles to school with them.  The nationwide effort was sponsored by Focus on the Family. Here’s a link to the official website for the event: Bring Your Bible . org

Many folks in the US are under the impression that students are not allowed to bring Bibles to public schools but the Supreme court has ruled that students can have informal prayer and even group Bible studies during break times on school campuses as long as no teachers or school officials are involved.

This day along with others like ‘Meet Me At the Pole Day’ (A day when students gather together at the flag pole and pray before the school day begins) are designed to demonstrate the continuing religious rights of students in America.               *Top

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