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-Muslim Refugees Refusing Food Because of Red Cross on the Box?

by Dr. D ~ October 4th, 2015

There are thousands of hungry Muslim refugees pouring into European countries. Relief organizations like Red Cross are trying to provision all of these folks. Meanwhile there are numerous reports that the refugees are refusing any food with a ‘Red Cross’ on it and food that is not ‘Halal’- food processed and prepared according to Muslim sharia rules.

This video is showing a group in Macedonia who are supposedly hungry but refusing food because it is not ‘Halal.’ In fact they seem to be rather indignant when the Red Cross packages are offered to them. I have also seen other videos of similar scenes in Germany and France.

My question is this- how will folks like this adapt in their new European host country? I see no hope that they will actually assimilate but every indication that they intend to make everyone else adapt to their Muslim sensibilities. I see nothing but trouble ahead in the countries receiving them. 

Another question- where is any help from rich Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia? You would think that Muslim relief groups would be helping the poor Muslim refugees but that doesn’t seem to be the case.              *Top

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1 Response to -Muslim Refugees Refusing Food Because of Red Cross on the Box?

  1. Brian

    Obviously, they are not REAL hungry…

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