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-Afghanistan: US Soldiers Face Discipline For Stopping Rape of Children?

by Dr. D ~ September 21st, 2015


Apparently some of our soldiers have actually gotten in trouble for stopping Afghan authorities from raping children.  Here’s the story from HotAir:

A story breaking over the weekend reveals that our “Afghan allies” have been engaged in a sick practice referred to as “boy play” in the common parlance. This essentially translates into abducting, imprisoning and raping young boys, keeping them as sex slaves. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, it’s apparently been standing policy for some time now that US soldiers were told to turn a blind eye to the practice (even when it takes place on our bases) and some of them have even been disciplined and removed from the service for trying to intervene. (New York Times)

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Response: Is anyone else bothered by this? Should American soldiers get in trouble for doing what is right? I do not think so.

If the current Afghan authorities that we put in power are no better in treating their own people than the Taliban before them then why are we still there? Meanwhile our  people keep on getting killed and maimed for these folks?

I thought it was time to leave a few years ago when an Afghan who converted to Christianity was sentenced to death. Fortunately American officials persuaded the Afghan president to allow him to leave the country. Add that to the fact that there is not even one Christian church in the country and no real freedom of religion and Sharia rules in the Constitution we helped them to write and put into place.               *Top

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3 Responses to -Afghanistan: US Soldiers Face Discipline For Stopping Rape of Children?

  1. Brian

    I submit that, had they not interfered and the press had gotten wind of it, the same US soldiers would now be facing criminal sanctions for NOT taking action.


  2. Dr. D

    Brian, you are probably right. A no-win situation for our military folks. They should be commended for doing what is right regardless.

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