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-Man Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer Healed

by Dr. D ~ September 18th, 2015

Here’s the account of a man diagnosed with terminal cancer that did not give up but he and his wife kept on praying for a miracle and finally received a documented healing. From the Blaze:

“Even though I know my Lord so intimately and have a deep relationship with him, I really shook in my boots,” Rosey Brausen said, explaining how difficult it was to continue praying when doctors were asking how her husband was going to spend his last days.

She said that God warned the couple that they were “in for a battle,” and so they hunkered down, refusing to give up hope that healing could be a possibility; rather than give up, they began taking a number of steps in an effort to steadfastly hope — and pray — for the best.

“Getting a prayer team around us, saying scripture out loud over us … and then keeping my eyes focused on [God],” Rosey said of their actions, which also included treatments and the removal of a lung.

Many times, she said that Christians treat God like a Santa Claus of sorts, imploring him to “give us what we’re praying for,” but not realizing that it can sometimes be a long battle — and that he won’t always answer every prayer.

In the end, Rosey said that she had to learn true and profound trust in the Almighty as she journeyed through her husband’s illness.

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Response: An inspirational story that stands on its own without comment. I have known a number of folks in the last few years who have gone through similar situations and have been blessed by God. Healings and miracles seem to be on the increase among Christians in America.

We are hoping and praying for revival and a  new spiritual awakening in this nation. Signs and wonders, miracles and healings seem to always be a part of any move of God. Keep on praying!

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2 Responses to -Man Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer Healed

  1. mark

    That is horrible science! How many of the devout prayed, with the greatest intention, and were not spared the ravages of disease?
    But if it makes you feel better go for it.

  2. Dr. D

    Yes it does make me feel good and thankful to God to see anyone healed.

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