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-Should Christians Continue to Say ‘God Bless America’ Anyway?

by Dr. D ~ August 21st, 2015



Some Christian leaders are saying that God’s judgment may some come upon America or at least the protective hedge around the country may soon be lifted if it already hasn’t been. In the midst of the current changes going on in our country many are claiming that it is inappropriate to continue to call for God to bless America or use the popular phrase- ‘God Bless America’ anymore. For a long time a lot of secular folks have been uncomfortable with the use of that call for entirely different reasons.

I continue to support its use because for me it is tantamount to asking God to bring revival and a new spiritual awakening to our nation and culture. In that same light, Here’s an article from the Christian Post that looks at what the phrase really means particularly in light of the song “God Bless America” and why Christians should continue to use it.  From the article:

In our current era of endless entitlement and affirmation, "God Bless America" may sound like a demand for divine applause and reward for virtue. But the song and sentiment are rooted in a Jewish-Christian understanding that to ask for God’s blessing is to implore His mercy and added measure of His grace on undeserving persons.

Aren’t Christians called always to be a blessing and to beseech God’s blessing on their communities at all times and places? Should we ever stop?  …

There’s never been a time when America or any nation was entirely holy. Yet Christians have always been called to implore divine protection and redemption for America, just as they are in every land. The God in Whom Christians believe doesn’t just regard and save individuals but also cares about nations and other communities that comprise His creation. …

God seeks to bless all nations, and Christians are called to be instruments of that blessing.

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Response: I agree. We are called to bless others and love even those who oppose us. We are also called to be agents of change through love and repentance in a fallen culture. Judgment is God’s business not ours. Although some may be called to be prophets to the nations most of us are called to bring God’s love and blessings wherever we are.                *Top

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