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-Kentucky: ‘Christian Christians’ Need Not Apply?

by Dr. D ~ August 15th, 2015

The video above is a humorous view of a ‘Christian Christian’ attempting to apply for the job of ‘Country Clerk’ in Kentucky.

Not so humorous is the fact that Christians who want to follow their religious convictions may find that they are now barred from some occupations, particularly in Kentucky.

For over 200 hundred years in America there were no ‘religious tests’ for government officials. At least that was the way it was supposed to be until lately. Now same-sex marriage and LGBT rights seem to be trumping past laws and religious liberty.

Just last week we posted that Christian pastors who believe that homosexuality is a sin can no longer minister in youth prisons in Kentucky, so the video above is really no stretch of the imagination. Also this week we found out that judges in Ohio have to perform same-sex weddings whether they want to or not.

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