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-Atheist Minister Fighting Removal From Ministry

by Dr. D ~ August 7th, 2015


(Image: Gretta Vosper/Facebook)

An atheist minister in the United Church of Canada is hoping to stay on as a pastor and avoid removal from the ministry for her stated unbelief. Here’s the story from CBC News:

In an interview at her West Hill church, Rev. Gretta Vosper said congregants support her view that how you live is more important than what you believe in.

"I don’t believe in…the god called God," Vosper said. "Using the word gets in the way of sharing what I want to share."

Vosper, 57, who was ordained in 1993 and joined her east-end church in 1997, said the idea of an interventionist, supernatural being on which so much church doctrine is based belongs to an outdated world view.  …

"Is the Bible really the word of God? Was Jesus a person?" she said.

"It’s mythology. We build a faith tradition upon it which shifted to find belief more important than how we lived."

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Response: Apparently her views got her in trouble with her denominational leaders after she wrote an open letter to the church’s head supporting atheism by pointing out that belief in God was the motivation for ‘bad’ terrorist actions.

Now her adherence to basic denominational doctrines which she affirmed at her ordination is under review and she is in danger of being dismissed from the UCC ministry.

I really do not understand how someone who does not believe in God and calls Jesus a myth and actively preaches and supports atheism can still be allowed to minister in a  ‘Christian’ church. This wolf has even taken off her sheep’s clothing and is still allowed to ruin the flock and actually promote unbelief? Amazing.

She points to lifestyle as being more important than belief and yet openly promotes her atheism and calls faith in God dangerous. This is hypocrisy in action. Also, the point that should not be missed is that she affirmed the required denominational doctrines in order to get ordained in the first place. Did she lie then or did she believe at the time and has changed her mind since? Was she a hypocrite then or is she a hypocrite still posing as a ‘Christian’ minister now? Either way she should not continue to serve in the ministry. What do your think?               *Top

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2 Responses to -Atheist Minister Fighting Removal From Ministry

  1. Brian

    What motivated her to become a minister in the first instance???

  2. Dr. D

    Good question Brian. Most ministers I know were motivated initially by some kind of call from God to serve.

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