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-“In God We Trust”: The Controversy Over the US Motto Continues

by Dr. D ~ August 6th, 2015


(Image via Greenup Co. Sheriff’s Office/Facebook)

The Greenup Co. Sheriff in Kentucky has added the national motto to the back bumper of their police cars causing a controversy among outsiders. Some are saying that it violates the so-called ‘separation of church and state.’

From the Blaze:

A Kentucky sheriff has made a bold move in the renovations he’s giving his department’s fleet of police cars.

On the back bottom bumper of the cruisers, in all capital letters, reads a message: “IN GOD WE TRUST.”

“You can’t trust the stock market, you can’t trust banks, you can’t trust Washington, but you can trust God, you can always trust God,” Sheriff Keith Cooper told WSAZ-TV.

Cooper is standing firm in his decision to adorn the back of the police cruisers with that message of faith, despite the protests of some — seemingly only from outside of the Greenup County community — who say that he is violating the separation of church and state.

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Response: The sheriff will get a letter for sure from a activist atheist group or two demanding that he cease and desist in putting the motto on the police cars. Sheriff Cooper has already said that he will ignore such complaints. And really, what are they going to do about it!

The obligatory phrase- ‘it violates the separation of church and state’ is always used on these occasions. The fact remains that- “In God We Trust” is still the national motto and every lawsuit so far against it has not been successful. Ergo, it is not a legal violation of the Constitution of the United States to use it in the public square.

If you don’t like it and don’t want to have anything personally to do with it, you can always send me all of your US currency and coins that still boldly display the motto. I like it and would be happy to receive it all.               *Top

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