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-IRS Commissioner: No Plans to Target Christian Colleges Over Same-Sex Marriage

by Dr. D ~ August 2nd, 2015

Obama administration’s IRS Commissioner recently told Congress that there were no plans to target the non-profit tax status of Christian Colleges over their same-sex marriage policies. Here’s the story from the Blaze:

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen made a pledge before the U.S. Senate’s Judiciary Oversight Subcommittee on Wednesday, saying that his agency would not go after the tax-exempt statuses of any religious colleges and universities that oppose same-sex nuptials.

“Will you commit to me that while you remain on as the commissioner … you will not in the absence of a directive by Congress or by the courts, that you will not take any action to remove the tax-exempt status from religious colleges and universities based on their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman?” Republican Sen. Mike Lee asked Koskinen.

The commissioner affirmatively responded that he would be able to make that commitment, with Lee expressing his deep appreciation for the pledge. Koskinen did go on to explain how such a change would potentially be made beyond his tenure.

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Response: I wonder if he checked with the President on this. Nevertheless it is great to hear his commitment.

Many were speculating that Christian organizations, particularly Christian schools would be the next targets after SCOTUS legalized same-sex marriage. In fact Obama’s own US Solicitor commented during deliberations before the Court that “it might be a problem.” In addition, I have read a number of comments from LGBT folks that the tax-status of Christian orgs. and schools would soon be challenged and ultimately all churches who oppose their agenda.               *Top

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