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-Pakistan: Christian Mother Kidnapped, Forced to Convert to Islam and Marry Muslim

by Dr. D ~ July 31st, 2015


A Pakistani Christian mother of three was recently kidnapped, raped, forced to convert to Islam and marry her Muslim rapist. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

A young Pakistani Christian mother of three has been abducted and raped by her 55-year-old Muslim landlord who forced her to convert to Islam and enter into Islamic marriage. Her family has demanded her return.

Fouzia Sadiq, a Christian woman who is believed to be in her mid-20s, was kidnapped last Thursday …

… the family went to the landlord’s house and demanded the return of Sadiq, but were told by Nazir that Sadiq had converted to Islam and entered into a marriage with him.

… she may still be forced to remain in the forced Islamic marriage, despite existing legal precedents from Lahore High court which clearly state a ‘married Christian woman cannot be remarried to a Muslim even if converted.’"

… Sadiq’s family attempted to file an information report with the local police department but a senior police officer refused to file the report and now the family is terrified.  …

An April 2014 report by "Movement of Solidarity and Peace in Pakistan" revealed that over 1,000 girls — 700 of them being Christians — are kidnapped, raped and forced into marriages every year.

<Read the whole article >

Response: I chose to post on this because it’s not a rare case at all but happens to Christian women all of the time in the Middle East and in Africa. A week does not go by without a report somewhere that a Christian woman has been kidnapped and forced to convert and marry or was enslaved by a Muslim. Even if the woman was married, Islamic sharia law does not recognize it if the woman supposedly converts to Islam.

This is particularly frustrating since it is actually against the law in Pakistan. However, local Pakistani authorities refuse to do anything about it. Only international pressure may have an effect in this case.

This is happening all of the time in Pakistan where the laws are typically not enforced by local authorities if the victims are Christian. In fact according to the CP article over 700 Christian women are kidnapped in that country every year.

It is also a common practice in Egypt for Muslims to capture a Christian Coptic woman and force conversion and marriage. It is even worse in Nigeria where the Boko Haram attack entire villages and enslave the Christian women and children after killing the men. Then there is ISIS which is the worst of all in the treatment of Christians.           

In this case, the best that we can do is pray for the woman and her family. Also posting about it on blogs and in social media can bring about the necessary International pressure that will force the Pakistani federal government to do something about it.               *Top

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