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-Texas Supreme Court: Houston Must Put Controversial ‘Transgender Bathroom’ Bill Up for Vote.

by Dr. D ~ July 28th, 2015


The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that the City of Houston must put the controversial LGBT rights ‘transgender bathroom’ bill up for a vote by the people or repeal the ordinance. Meanwhile the court suspended the law. Here’s the report from the Christian Post:

… Houston’s controversial equal rights ordinance, known as HERO, will appear on the November ballot, as Texas Supreme Court has suspended it, ruling that City Council must repeal it by August 24 or put it to popular vote.  …

The gay rights ordinance, which, among other things, allows members of the opposite sex to use each other’s restrooms, hit the headlines after a group of conservative pastors, known as the Houston Five, were subpoenaed by the city in a lawsuit.  …

The city’s lawyers at the time demanded that the pastors turn over all communications addressing homosexuality, gender identity or the city’s first openly lesbian mayor, Annise Parker. Although the mayor later withdrew the subpoenas, it was not before she received national scrutiny for doing so.

Opponents of the ordinance launched a petition that generated more than 50,000 signatures which was well above the 17,269 signatures needed to put the ordinance on the ballot. City Secretary Anna Russell also determined there were enough valid signatures.

"Mayor Parker decided to ignore the will of the people and the city charter, and unlawfully rejected the almost 55,000 signatures," Worrdfill said.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday that "the legislative power reserved to the people of Houston is not being honored."

The state’s highest civil court’s ruling stated, "The City Council is directed to comply with its duties, as specified in the City Charter, that arise when the City Secretary certifies that a referendum petition has a sufficient number of valid signatures.

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Response: Finally the people will be able to vote on this matter. The City’s activist mayor and city council were completely out of control. First in trying to silence Houston pastors from even talking and preaching about homosexuality and later by denying a lawful petition to put the matter before the people.

We have been following this issue from the beginning. It will be interesting to see how this turns out and how the mayor and her supporters respond to the will of the voters.

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