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-Iran Deal: Are We Now Closer to an Ezekiel 38 Scenario?

by Dr. D ~ July 15th, 2015


A lot could be said about the recent deal between the Obama administration and Iran allowing Iran to continue their nuclear program. One thing for sure there is a major split between the United States and Israel over the deal. Just how this would play out in the event of Iran actually gaining a nuclear weapon and proceeding to threaten an attack on Israel in the process in anyone’s guess.

Israeli leaders have made it very clear that they would proactively respond militarily in such a situation. But given the new deal, how would the USA now respond? On a number of occasions the US has kept Russia (Soviet Union at the time) out of Arab- Israeli wars in the past but in the current climate would this President actually support Israel in the event of an all out war which would include the countries listed in Ezekiel 38?

I have written on the Ezekiel 38-39 scenario before and concluded that the conditions at that time (2011) were beginning to line up:  -Is ‘Gog and Magog’ Beginning to Line Up?

Since then ‘the lining up’ has continued. Iranian leaders proclaimed just last week that Israel needed to be destroyed. Meanwhile, Russia under Putin has increasingly become an aggressive military threat once more and has completed their own treaty with Iran which includes helping the Ayatollahs with their nuclear program. Also, the other major player in the Ezekiel scenario- Turkey has continued to separate from the US and NATO and their leaders also recently called for the taking back of Jerusalem and the establishment of a new Muslim caliphate.

The one thing that has stood in the way of a possible Ezekiel scenario since 1948 has been the strong American support of Israel. However that support under this president has been waning. Now comes this new deal with Iran.

Here’s a very possible scenario that could lead to a ‘Gog and Magog’ conflict (Ezekiel 38-39) in the form of a number of questions:

-What would happen if Iran did build nuclear weapons in spite of this new deal?

-What if Israel then responded with a preemptive strike upon the Iranian nuclear facilities?

-What if Russian nuclear scientists were killed in the process and Russia joined Iran in an attack on Israel in the aftermath?

-What if Turkey joined along with all the rest listed in Ezekiel including Libya.

-What would the USA do if anything under those conditions?

Conclusion: I do not believe that President Obama would support Israel if a conflict arose following a preemptive strike on Iran by the Israelis. Therefore, I believe that this new deal has brought us far closer to a possible ‘Gog and Magog’ war since it would give the President an excuse to op-out. Without American support, Russia and Turkey would feel free to assert themselves militarily against Israel. In an Ezekiel scenario, it is God who saves Israel and not the United States. In fact most Bible teachers believe that America is not even mentioned, unless it is among the ‘merchants’ or ‘young lions’ of Tarshish who are by-standers who merely object.           *Top

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