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-Iran Forces Gays to Have Sex Change Surgeries

by Dr. D ~ June 27th, 2015


Several years ago when Iran’s president at the time, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, visited the United States a member of the press asked him about how living conditions were for homosexuals in his country. He responded that there were no gays ‘living’ in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The fact is that homosexuality is punishable by death in Iran. However, the latest news coming out of that radical country confirms that gays are now given the option to have sex change surgeries instead and many are choosing the alternative. Here’s the story from the Daily Caller:

Iran has a well-documented record of coercing gay and lesbian people into having the gender reassignment surgery, that is, disrupting rather than “confirming” the gender identity of hundreds per year. Since homosexuality can be punishable by death in Iran, known homosexual men tend to accept the government-subsidized surgery to become women, and vice versa.  …

The State Department’s new report covers the state of human rights … The chapter on Iran is some 16,000 words long, documenting restrictions such as lack of freedom …and includes a sub-section on the condition of LGBT people. That section states that Iranian law “defines transgender persons as mentally ill,” and that Iran therefore loans candidates for surgery up to $2,030 to undergo the operation.

By referring to the surgeries as “gender confirmation,” rather than the much more widespread and morally neutral “sex reassignment surgery,” the State Department seems to be siding with the Iranian government’s false “cure” for homosexuality.  …

The State Department’s human rights report also comes just days before the June 30 deadline for a finalized nuclear deal with Iran.

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Response: Ironically this report comes out while President Obama and his administration are celebrating the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage. Last week the administration downplayed the news that Iran’s Parliament took time out of their busy schedule to shout out -“Down with America.”  Now this barbaric report.

The Obama administration is going out of the way to sugar coat the report on Iran and give it the best possible face while they are in the midst of negotiations over their nuclear program. The State Department report calls it “gender confirmation” when in reality it is a choice between that or death by execution. 

A report by the BBC presents the real facts and the sad results for Iranian gay and lesbian folks who were forced into having hormone therapy and sex change surgeries. Not a pretty picture and certainly not “gender confirmation” in the majority of cases.               *Top

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