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-Fake John Hagee Story Gets on TV

by Dr. D ~ June 23rd, 2015

A fake story about pastor John Hagee calling for the prosecution of women who used the name of “God” during intercourse has incredibly made its way onto TV. Whoopi Goldberg and the women on “The View” took it serious and teed off on the famous pastor. This actually confirms my opinion about the credibility of that talk show.

The truth is, the respected pastor never said anything even close to this and if you actually go on the spoof news Newslo website it become very clear if you click on “Show Facts” button.

I receive fake news from friends all of the time especially on Facebook. I saw this story the other day and my son-in-law exposed it as a fake. Obviously he is more intelligent than Whoopi and her staff. I knew it was fake without even checking since I have read several of Hagee’s books.

The story received far more play than one would expect and probably exposes an increasing cultural bias against conservative pastors. Politicians, both right and left including President Obama, are another group of favorite victims on fake spoof news sites.

If a story sounds outrageous then it probably is fake and before you pass it on it is always a good idea to go to the source and search out the truth. In this case, The View has a whole staff to check out stories. How embarrassing is that?              *Top

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2 Responses to -Fake John Hagee Story Gets on TV

  1. Brian

    The good news here is that Whoopee Goldberg had a sufficient sense of duty to apologize on air. The bad news is that she could not be bothered to mention his name in the brief apology.

  2. Dr. D

    Wow Brian, you are right as usual. Whoopee only apologizes to “the pastor”:

    How high and mighty and arrogant. She mentioned John Hagee during her mistake but it was beneath her to mention his name during the so-called ‘apology’? When is an apology not really an apology?

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