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-Southern Baptists Vote to Uphold ‘God’s Definition of Marriage’ Regardless of SCOTUS

by Dr. D ~ June 17th, 2015


The Southern Baptist Convention voted yesterday to support traditional marriage between one man and one woman regardless of what SCOTUS decides is legal for the nation. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

Messengers for the Southern Baptist Convention voted Tuesday afternoon in favor of Resolution 5, which among other things, prayerfully calls for the Supreme Court to "uphold the right of the citizens to define marriage as exclusively the union of one man and one woman."

"Southern Baptists recognize that no governing institution has the authority to negate or usurp God’s definition of marriage," read Resolution 5, in part.

"No matter how the Supreme Court rules, the Southern Baptist Convention reaffirms its unwavering commitment to its doctrinal and public beliefs concerning marriage …"

After a brief amending process, the resolution was adopted and following its passage, a moderate amount of applause erupted spontaneously.

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Response: So the Southern Baptist Convention has drawn a line in the sand and has officially re-confirmed their policy towards marriage as between one man and one woman.

Do not be misled, this decision will have some consequences. Already one congregation in California has been forced to leave the Convention over this issue and they will not be the last. More than any other evangelical group, the Southern Baptists have been tied to the culture and society in small towns all across the Bible belt. Already the SBC has been losing members lately as  it is increasingly no longer as  ‘socially acceptable’ and useful in business as it once was.

As we have stated before, every denomination and church in America will have to commit on this issue one way or another. The SBC has chosen to continue to honor God and his Word. What will your denomination or church do with this issue? It no longer can be ignored.            *Top

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