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-Pope Francis: Palestinian Leader Abbas an “Angel of Peace”?

by Dr. D ~ May 20th, 2015


Pope Francis recently called Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas an “Angel of Peace.” Here’s the story from Brietbart News:

Pope Francis praised Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as an “angel of peace” during a meeting Saturday at the Vatican that underscored the Holy See’s warm relations with the Palestinians.

Francis made the compliment during the traditional exchange of gifts at the end of an official audience in the Apostolic Palace. He presented Abbas with a medallion and explained that it represented the “angel of peace destroying the bad spirit of war.”

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Response: To be fair the gracious Pope also referred to both Abbas and Israeli President Shimon Peres as ‘men of peace’ during his recent visit to Israel. However, the Vatican recently recognized the State of Palestine so the Pope does seem to be slanted towards supporting the Palestinians in their dispute with Israel.

But is Abbas really an ‘Angel of peace’? Actually I don’t think he is even really a ‘man of peace’ for that manner. The Palestinian leader has had numerous opportunities to make things better for his people by formalizing a peace with Israel and by making his territory into an actual state but has refused to recognize the State of Israel as all of the previous Palestinian leaders in the past have done. Meanwhile their people remain among the poorest in the world as the Palestinian leaders continue to spend most of the contributions to their people for their own personal use and on weapons of aggression.

Abbas An Adamant Holocaust Denier or Minimalist?

While Abbas is considered to be a ‘moderate’ leader as compared to Hamas and other more radical Palestinian leaders and groups, in reality he has done very little but put up roadblocks to peace with the Israel’s. He actually supported Iraq during Desert Storm but worst of all he is an adamant Holocaust denier or at the very least a minimalist.

In fact he wrote a doctoral dissertation and a book on the issue: “The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism in which he claims that ‘Zionist’ Jews were complicit with the Nazis and called the Holocaust a "myth" and a "fantastic lie."  He claims that he is not really a ‘Holocaust denier’ but continues to claim that the Jews themselves helped cause it and that only a few hundred thousand were actually killed by the Germans. ‘Angel of Peace’ indeed? I don’t think so.            *Top

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