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-Catholic University an Offensive Environment for Muslim Students?

by Dr. D ~ May 12th, 2015


A Catholic University is supposedly being investigated because it has Christian crosses and icons in nearly every room. A complaint has been filed citing the school as an offensive environment for Muslim students seeking a place to pray.

George Washington University Law School Professor John Banzhaf has filed a sixty page complaint against Catholic University of America with the Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights. Banzhaf is demanding that the university provide  crucifix-free “safe rooms” for Muslim students to pray in on campus and for the right of Muslims to organize an official Muslim student group. Banzhaf complains that the university is an ‘oppressive’ environment for those who are not of the Catholic faith with the huge “cathedral that looms over the entire campus – the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.”

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Response: If this sounds ridiculous it is. This is an old story that we posted on several years ago (2011) when it first appeared and now it has resurfaced in the news again.

According to all of the reports that I have read, no Muslim students actually participated in the complaint. It seems to have been solely the brain child of a liberal law professor, from a competing area school, who is famous for flooding the legal system with frivolous lawsuits and complaints.

If this seems like a serious situation it’s because so many real actions have been taken against Christian schools and organizations lately. Anything seems possible anymore but in this case it may be nothing but a well publicized sham.

An Update

As an update to our original posting in 2011. The university officials say that they have never received any legal filing against the school on this issue nor have they actually received even one complaint from an actual Muslim student at the school.  Also, I cannot find any reference to any action at all taken on this complaint by the D.C. Office of Human Rights. 

Bottom line, there are enough real actions against Christian schools and organization to worry about without adding this one to the list.             *Top

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