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-So It May Soon Be ‘Mx.’ For Transgender Folks Instead of ‘Mr.,’ ‘Mrs.,’ and ‘Miss.’?

by Dr. D ~ May 8th, 2015


Publishers of English language dictionaries are reportedly grappling with the problem of finding a new honorific term to use for transgender folk instead of the traditional designations of "Mr.," "Mrs." and "Miss." According to this article in the Christian Post, ‘Mx.’ is on the way to becoming the a new official honorific designation:

…Recently an assistant editor with the Oxford English Dictionary stated that the transgender title of "Mx" may soon be added to their list of honorific terms. …

"Mx. is used increasingly on various official forms in the U.K., as well in British newspapers and periodicals."

Regarding whether or not American English dictionaries will add the term…"Evidence of Mx in the US (or Mx., as it’s styled over here) is far sparser, but we are monitoring its development and will be interested to see if it takes root here in the same way it has in the U.K." …

According to Dent of OED, usage of the term "Mx" is not unprecedented, and can be dated at last as far back as 1977 in the issue of an American magazine titled "Single Parent."

"The early proponents of the term seem to have had gender politics as their central concern [and] saw the title as one which could sidestep the perceived sexism of the traditional ‘Mr.,’ ‘Mrs.’ and ‘Miss,’"…

Response: One only has to view a few old movies and see how the term ‘gay’ was used 50 years ago to understand how activists begin to change the dominant culture through the use of new titles and terms. In many cases language precedes normalization (e,g.: abortion was considered bad but ‘pro-choice’ is good?)

In this case the assigning of a new honorific title to transgender folks is either an acknowledgement that it has entered and become an accepted part of the normal culture or an activist push to make it so. It is no surprise or accident that this comes out right after the Bruce Jenner interview on national TV.

Like I posted last year, ‘transgender rights’ is the next big progressive activist civil rights push. Make no mistake, this will affect the church and already is affecting Christian organizations in California and Houston, Texas.            *Top

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2 Responses to -So It May Soon Be ‘Mx.’ For Transgender Folks Instead of ‘Mr.,’ ‘Mrs.,’ and ‘Miss.’?

  1. Brian

    Bear in mind, Dr. D., that the adoption of “Mx” as a term will mean that elementary school students will be taught, in about 3rd or 4th grade, how to properly use Miss, Mr., Mrs. and now “Mx”. This means another avenue for indoctrination of elementary school kids.


  2. Dr. D

    Brian, This sort of ‘education’ is already happening in California. As early as first grade LGBT folks are now allowed to come into the classrooms and talk about their issues. Most of the time without any notification to the parents.

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