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-Should Free Speech Be Limited Because of Muslim Sensibilities?

by Dr. D ~ May 6th, 2015

See the video above where Megyn Kelly continues to support free speech in America in spite of the recent onslaught of folks that would like to restrict any kind of media, speech, or action which is offensive to Muslims. In a recent interview Kelly even asked whether we “Should We Get Rid of All Jews?” in deference to Muslims sensibilities.

In this country we are supposed to have free speech which is guaranteed by our Constitution. However in the aftermath of the shooting in Texas over a display of Muhammad cartoons and likenesses, some are actually proposing that our free speech needs to be limited in order to avoid confrontations and violence.

I really do not personally support those who go out of their way to incite and hurt other people of faith like some have done in the past to Muslims by burning Qurans or by displaying Muhammad cartoons. Nevertheless, I do support their right to do so just as I continue to support the right of atheists and others who continue to be critical of and even ridicule my own Christian faith.

The greatest danger to free speech presently comes in the form of ‘Blasphemy Laws’ being proposed before the UN and supported by Muslim nations. Apparently even the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton support the proposed legislation which could end up being problematic for Americans traveling abroad.                    *Top

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