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-Obama State Dept. Denies Visa to Iraqi Nun Coming to Talk About Christian Persecution

by Dr. D ~ May 1st, 2015

Not only has the Obama administration done very little if nothing to stem the tide of the persecution of Christians in the Middle East but apparently doesn’t want anyone to call attention to their failure. The Obama State Department has denied a visa to a nun who was coming to the US to talk before Congress and relief organizations to gain support for the thousands of displaced Christians particularly in Iraq and Syria. Here’s the story from the Blaze (also see the video above):

…Sister Diana Momeka, an Iraqi nun, was denied a visa by the U.S. consulate in Erbil, Iraq to enter the United States. …

Momeka had planned to speak with the Senate and House foreign relations committees, the State Department, USAID, and various NGOs about the persecution of Christians in Iraq by the Islamic State, …

She wanted to come to the US in order to call attention to the plight of fellow Christians:

“The message that I always carry in my heart and tell the people who really care [is] that you have brothers and sisters in Iraq who have been many times refused,” she said. “They need to feel they are loved, they are cared for in so many ways, especially now that we don’t know if we have any future anymore because our children are without proper schooling. … What I would like to say to people who care about us is please, please, please, please, keep us in your prayers. We are facing a very, very difficult time.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: The excuse given by the administration was that she might try and stay in America. This coming from the same Obama administration which has opened the southern border and given support to all who can make it in, even underage children. Rather a hypocritical reason at best and obviously a substitute for the real truth.

Her testimony before Congress could have brought negative publicity to the efforts of the Obama administration in containing ISIS along with the resulting horror stories of 1000’s of Christian families being killed, displaced, and persecuted under their watch. Ironically she felt further persecution, this time by the negative response of our own US Consulate:

“I have all the support letters, I didn’t expect that answer. … I questioned myself, ‘Is an IDP (internally displaced person) not a human anymore? … Does that mean I’m not allowed to travel anymore?’”

Momeka lived in the United States for six years, and she even has letters of support from members of Congress for her visit.

“I am so honored to be an Iraqi Christian who has been persecuted. But I just felt I was so persecuted by this answer [from the consulate] to tell you the truth,” she admitted.

Protests of the treatment of this Christian sister should be addressed to the White House, the State Department, and representatives in Congress.             *Top

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