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-Hillary Clinton: ‘Religious Beliefs Have to Be Changed’ Toward Abortion

by Dr. D ~ April 25th, 2015

On Thursday Hillary Clinton, in an address to the sixth annual Women in The World Summit, proposed that religious beliefs opposing abortion needed to be changed:

“Far too many women are denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth, and laws don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice — not just on paper.

Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” …

Response: I have read a number of articles recently where progressives have proposed that religious folks need to be forced to accept same-sex marriage and homosexuality. Now Hillary is proposing that religions and religious folks need to be forced to change their teachings, beliefs, and opposition toward abortion. Abortion is the one area lately where religious folks have been largely successful in persuading public opinion over the last ten years or so.

Some will say that Hillary is only saying that religious attitudes toward abortion needed to be changed not necessarily calling for any kind of specific action. But read her words carefully. She says the problem is that –“ Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will” indicating where the source for the change needs to come from. So in her opinion, religious teachings “have to be changed” through political will. That really does indicate some kind of government action, taken by elected and appointed political autocrats and activist judges, to force a change probably by limiting religious liberty and maybe even free speech on the issue.

This comes at a time when liberals and progressives are expressing opinions in the media and all across the Internet that religious liberty must be limited in the future with changes effected by re-defining the First Amendment rights to freedom of religion and free speech. Something to look forward to if Hillary Clinton becomes president?            *Top

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9 Responses to -Hillary Clinton: ‘Religious Beliefs Have to Be Changed’ Toward Abortion

  1. Brian

    I believe, Dr. D, that we are less than 10 years from some sort of serious political proposal to strip tax exempt status from any church which does not pass a liberal litmus test on homosexual rights, abortion, women’s rights (ordination of women), etc. The “theory” will be that the government is not encumbering your freedom of religion – you are free to believe whatever you want – but if you have the wrong beliefs, the government will not “subsidize” you by granting tax exempt status.


  2. Dr. D

    Brian, you are probably correct on this as usual. Actually I believe it depends upon who wins in 2016. Academia has been pushing that idea for some time now. This is something Obama would do right now if he still had at least a democratic Senate. His administration has blocked literally hundreds of conservative groups in the last 6 years from gaining NP status.

    Already the IRS is promising atheist groups that they are going to check out and control pastors and churches from crossing the line into politics. All they have to do is proclaim SSM, homosexuality, transgender issues and abortion as off limits and punish any pastor and church that preaches on any of those issues. They already floated a trial balloon along this line in Houston. Now after Indiana with the MSM fully committed this all could begin to happen far quicker than we expect. Most Christians still do not recognize what is really happening.

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