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-Poll: 34% Say Opposing Same-Sex Marriage ‘Totally Unacceptable’

by Dr. D ~ April 22nd, 2015

Political Consequences for Supporting ‘Traditional Marriage’?


A recent YouGov poll shows that 34% of Americans say that opposing same-sex marriage is ‘totally unacceptable’ and another 18% say it’s ‘mostly unacceptable’ for a grand total of 52% who are strongly in support of SSM. These numbers are causing conservative politicians to run for cover and stop speaking on this issue.

Along the same lines, a couple of weeks ago pundits were declaring that supporting ‘religious freedom’ was a ‘poison pill’ for Republicans and really it all revolves around the same issue. With these kind of numbers, the new question among conservative politicians is whether a supporter of traditional marriage will be able to be elected to a national office in 2016? After all, 34% seem to be indicating that this one issue is so important to them that any politician that is against it is ‘totally unacceptable’ and another 18% indicate that they’re also very serious about this issue.

Make no mistake, same-sex marriage along with LGBT rights are going to be major issues pushed by progressive activists and major media folks in the presidential election of 2016. Look for conservative politicians to begin to cave on this issue during the next election cycle if supporters of traditional marriage do no stand up and be counted.                *Top

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