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-Video: ISIS Shoots and Beheads 30 Ethiopian Christians

by Dr. D ~ April 21st, 2015

In a new video from ISIS in Libya, the terrorist group shoots and beheads 30 Ethiopian Christians who were too poor to pay ISIS a ‘jizya’ (a tax demanded from Christians and Jews – Quran 9:29) and refused to convert to Islam. Meanwhile, the radicals claimed that Western Christians would no longer be safe but soon would be subjected to similar kidnapping and death. From the Christian Post:

…on Sunday, April 19, the Islamic jihadi organization released another video of more Christians in Libya being massacred, this time for not paying jizya…

Two scenes appear in the 29-minute-long video published by al-Furqan, the Islamic State’s media wing. The first scene consists of a group of Christian Ethiopians dressed all in black, on their knees, with their arms tied behind their backs. Masked IS members stand behind the Ethiopians with rifles aimed at their heads. According to the video, this scene takes place in the city of Fezzan. The Christian captives are called "Worshippers of the cross belonging to the hostile Ethiopian Church."

The second scene shows more Christian Ethiopians dressed in orange uniforms and standing on the shores of Barqa, the same region where 21 Egyptian Christians were earlier decapitated for refusing to convert to Islam.

Other scenes include the narrator referencing the fatwas of medieval jurist Ibn Taymiyya that proclaim all Christians "infidels." Then Abu Malik ibn Ans al-Nashwan, apparently one of the group’s leaders, appears saying that "The dealings of the Islamic State with Christians under its authority is according to Allah’s Sharia [Islamic law]. Jizya [tribute] is imposed on those who accept, and war on those who resist."

The final scene is of the Christians in Fezzan being executed by gunfire to the back of their heads and the Christians in Barqa all having their heads carved off.  …

And, lest Western readers in general, Christians in particular, think this is just happening "over there," the same narrator, speaking to the West in general, also said—right before the slaughtered and decapitated bodies of the Ethiopian Christians were shown—that "you won’t have safety, even in your dreams, until you embrace Islam."

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Response: The Western media and many in the Obama administration are having a hard time understanding the motivation of this ISIS group. Most of these folk can understand political and economic underpinnings but religion plays such a small part in most of their lives it is hard for them to even consider that a group like ISIS could even exist.

Nevertheless, the ISIS radicals continue to try to educate modern Western progressives that their religion is the basis and the motivation for all of their actions. Meanwhile, folks in the USA and elsewhere try to downplay the place of Islam, the so-called ‘religion of peace,’ as the origin of all of this blood thirty conflict and horror.  But on every turn and action that the ISIS leaders take, they go out of their way to quote chapter and verse from the Quran, the Hadiths, and from fatwas proclaimed by respected Islamic religious leaders from past Muslim history and tradition. From their perspective this is a religious war and all Christians are fair game in the conflict.

The ISIS leaders have proclaimed that they are establishing a new Islamic Caliphate. Most Westerners do not understand that the last Caliphate was conquered and destroyed by the Western allies in WWI. The Western powers (USA, England, and France) where all ‘Christian nations’ at the time and following the war divided up the lands of the Ottoman Empire/Caliphate in the Middle East and Northern Africa into separate spheres of influence and created most of the countries and borders that are still in existence. Turkey which had controlled that vast area in the name of Islam was forced to become a ‘secular’ nation. ISIS leaders blame the destruction of the last Islamic Ottoman Caliphate on Christianity and would like to make Christians pay for the nearly 100 years of economic and political domination and ‘servitude’ to the ‘Christian’ West.

Ironically, Western countries can no longer be considered ‘Christian nations’ being more secular in nature than they were at the time of the first World War. Also, most Western leaders, nearly all of Western academia, and the main stream media have a hard time understanding the true nature of the conflict before us. It is a ‘religious war’ whether we accept it or not and the ISIS radicals continue to frame it as such even if it is falling on deaf ‘religious’ ears in America and the West. Look for the ISIS terrorists to try and bring it home to us in the near future.               *Top

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