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-Religion: The New PC Dirty Word in Schools?

by Dr. D ~ April 16th, 2015

Is ‘religion’ becoming the new politically correct ‘dirty word’ in academic circles? We asked this question last week about ‘religious freedom.’ Citizen Link finds that there is a problem about what to do with religion on school campuses all across America in spite of the fact that we have a Constitution that addresses religious freedom and a siting Supreme Court that has ruled on this issue recently. From Citizen Link:

Religious freedom is the First Amendment right of all citizens – even those who work for and attend public schools.

Even so, kids, teachers and administrators of faith are facing great challenges to their constitutional rights on campuses. From the New Jersey teacher who was fired for giving a Bible to a student, to the Colorado high school senior who was told he couldn’t meet and pray with his peers during free time, religious freedom is at risk in our schools.

Gary Beckner of the Association of American Educators tells CitizenLink that all Americans deserve to live out their First Freedoms – no matter where they choose to go to school.

Response: The American culture is changing so quickly in respect to religion that it is hard for teachers and school administrators to keep up and draw the line between what is lawful and not so much. Add to that the fact that in academic circles ‘religion’ is increasingly becoming the new PC ‘dirty word’ and the growing secularism among educators, many would like to just prohibit any kind of religion or religious practice on school campuses.

Meanwhile, according to the US Supreme Court, students have a right to practice and have equal access to their religion as long as it is not officially sponsored by teachers or school administrators. Therefore there are no lawful prohibitions against students or teachers privately praying and reading religious literature on campus during their free times. Students can even discuss their religious beliefs together without breaking the law.

School districts need to pass on literature defining the real laws respecting schools and religion to their teachers and administrators in order to cut down on unfortunate strictures and actions against students and teachers that are clearly illegal.               


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