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-Canadian Poll: Most Believe Islam Incompatible with Western Society Including 42% of Canadian Muslims

by Dr. D ~ April 15th, 2015


Recent polls show that most Canadians believe that Islam is incompatible with Western society including 42% of the Canadian Muslims. From Breitbart:

Two recently-released polls found that 42 percent of Canadian Muslims agree that Islam is “irreconcilable” with Western society.

The surveys also found that over 60 percent of Jewish and Christian Canadians believe that Islam is incompatible with the West. Among secular Canadians, 46 percent shared the “irreconcilable” viewpoint, the Vancouver Sun reported.

The polls asked 2,000 individuals and its surveying took place in 2013 and 2014.

…Ezra Levant of Rebel Media said that the poll was important because it discussed a “sensitive subject” matter that is largely avoided by “politically correct journalists.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: In reality it is impossible to reconcile the teachings of Muhammad and the Quran with Western values, freedoms, and government. No one in the media or among Western progressives in higher education really wants to admit to this fact. It is considered tantamount to ‘Islamophopbia.’

Islam is far different than other world religions like Christianity in that it not only has provisions for individual and corporate faith and worship but comes intact with cultural and government laws and organization. Therefore, Muslims in the West are only able to practice a small part of their religion.

Only 42% of Canadian Muslims will admit that there is a problem reconciling Islam with the dominant culture they live in. While this is actually a large number, I believe that far more would be willing to admit incompatible and irreconcilable problems in private –‘unofficially.’  Individual Muslims that I have talked to in the past have freely admitted that they have a real hope that one day a majority will be converted to Islam and that our culture and government will eventually be changed to reflect that new reality.

Meanwhile, folks in the media and in academia have, what I believe, is an irrational hope that Muslims in the West, since they are free to individually practice their religion, will somehow be happy to adapt and reform their religion to forego all of the teaching in the Quran and elsewhere that demand full cultural and governmental compliance to Islam. The 42% says otherwise.            *Top

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