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-Is Supporting Religious Freedom Political Suicide?

by Dr. D ~ April 11th, 2015


In his Politico column this week, Roger Simon indicates that supporting ‘religious freedom’ is now political suicide:

There is a poison pill inside the Republican Party and if its presidential hopefuls keep swallowing it, they are going to choke off their chances for the White House.  …

And by taking the poison pill that the religious right offers, the potential candidates risk alienating the rest of the nation.

Witness the events of the past few days: Indiana’s Legislature had passed a “religious freedom” law on March 25.

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Simon seems to be implying that ‘religious freedom’ is a lost cause that politicians should stay completely away from. He cites the debacle in Indiana and the probable demise of the White House hopes of Gov. Mike Pence as evidence to support his contention.

In an article in Breitbart, Thomas D. Williams takes issue with Simon’s conclusions:

Christians believe that they should avoid “cooperating in evil,” a technical term that refers to more than just tolerance or respect, and involves active participation. Serving homosexuals or white supremacists or abortionists in one’s restaurant does not imply agreement with their extracurricular activities. It simply recognizes the essential dignity of every person and the right to be treated the same as everybody else. No one should be turned away, regardless of their beliefs or practices.

By the same token, however, no one should be made to “cooperate” in activities that they believe to be morally evil. …

America has a grand tradition of conscientious objection, exempting people from activities that they believe to be morally wrong. No pro-life doctor should be coerced into performing an abortion, no Quaker should be coerced into fighting on the front and no Christian should be coerced into supporting same-sex marriage.

Sometimes doing the right thing does not prove to be politically expedient, and it takes integrity and heroism to do it anyway.

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Response: A lot depends upon ones world view. If you believe in divinely defined absolutes, right and wrong, and good and evil than what is culturally PC or ‘politically expedient’ should not be the last word. Unfortunately few politicians still have that kind of integrity. I certainly hope that Simon is wrong in his assertions and that there is still room for people of faith and conscience on the political scene.

Williams  presents the time honored way out of this dilemma- ‘a grand tradition of conscientious objection’ that has protected the rights of moral minorities since the founding of this nation.   Unfortunately, progressives like Simon seem to offer support for every kind of minority except conservative Christians.         *Top

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