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-Now ‘Religious Freedom’ is Offensive?

by Dr. D ~ April 7th, 2015

See the video above for the Citizen Link response to the debacle in Indiana and what it means for religious freedom in America.

Response: Early on this nation was founded in a large part by folks escaping the old world seeking freedom to believe and live out their religious convictions without interference from the government. Freedom of religion was a major American value that found its way into the founding documents of this nation including the First Amendment.

Judging from the over-the-top reaction from the media in America to Indiana’s RFRA provision is ‘Religious Freedom’ now offensive? Are they words along with ‘Religious Liberty’ that are now added to the growing progressive PC list of profanity like ‘islamophobia’?  Does seem that way since these cherished principles of freedom are now being assailed and characterized as merely a pretense for discrimination and tantamount to the establishment of a new set of ‘Jim Crow’  laws with LGBT folks as the intended victims.

My question is this, if religious freedom is allowed to be compromised in America where will the ‘Pilgrims’ of the 21st century go?            *Top

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1 Response to -Now ‘Religious Freedom’ is Offensive?

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