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-Reasons Conservative Christians Should Now Be Concerned About Religious Liberty

by Dr. D ~ April 6th, 2015


So many Christians in America are not aware that their religious freedom and liberty is now under assault in America.

Incredibly many key liberal thinkers and journalists, who are concerned about the rights of everyone else and the First Amendment when it comes to free speech, are now questioning whether limits should be put upon the rights and religious liberty of conservative Christians who they disagree with widely on many different social and political issues.

What happened recently with the firestorm surrounding the passage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act should be our ‘canary in the mine’ and a shofar calling us into action warning of a major social war with many serious cultural and political battles ahead.

It really is time for Christians to stand up and be heard before our freedoms slowly slip into the night that seems to be culturally descending upon America. To see and really understand what I am taking about, read the last 25 or so articles on this site or this very good summary of where we stand published today in the Christian post:

Analysis: 8 Reasons Conservative Christians Are Concerned About Their Own Religious Freedom in the Obama Era” by Napp Nazworth


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