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-Indiana: Religious Freedom Bill Passes

by Dr. D ~ March 25th, 2015


The Indiana state legislators recently passed a bill that supports religious freedom for people of faith including business owners. Here’s the story from Citizen Link:

Indiana’s religious freedom bill passed the General Assembly by overwhelming votes. That means Hoosiers of faith will now be protected from violating their deeply held beliefs in their personal lives and businesses.

The bill now goes to Gov. Mike Pence who is expected to sign it.

Curt Smith of the Indiana Family Institute was elated with the victory.

“Hoosiers have had a long tradition of respecting religious liberty,” he said, “and given all the lawsuits around the country and this growing tension as our society becomes more diverse and less tolerant, we’re very pleased that our policy makers have taken this step to reaffirm and strengthen religious liberty in Indiana.”

Informally called the “Hobby Lobby” bill, Smith said it echoes the favorable ruling for the craft chain.

Response: Finally a state bill that supports religious liberty for people  of faith in their personal lives and businesses directly reflecting the Supreme Court’s ‘Hobby lobby’ decision.

This is long over due. The LGBT activists are pushing for discrimination laws all across America that trump religious liberty and the 1st Amendment for Christian businesses. It is time for people of faith to rise up and pressure state legislatures to pass bills, like this Indiana provision, that support religious liberty and stops the hemorrhaging of our Constitutional religious rights.            *Top

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