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-Supreme Court Orders 7th Circuit to Reconsider Notre Dame HHS Contraceptive Case

by Dr. D ~ March 16th, 2015


The US Supreme Court has ordered the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider their ruling against Norte Dame University in a HHS Contraceptive Mandate case. The 7th Circuit earlier ruled against the university’s lawsuit but since then SCOTUS has made a couple of rulings against the mandate in the Little Sisters of the Poor and the Hobby Lobby cases. Here’s the story from the South Bend Tribune:

The Supreme Court is ordering a federal appeals court to take another look at the University of Notre Dame’s lawsuit over the health overhaul law’s rules on paying for contraceptives.

Notre Dame is among dozens of religious organizations that have challenged a compromise in the Affordable Care Act offered by the Obama administration to faith-based groups. The compromise attempts to create a buffer for faith-based groups that oppose birth control, while ensuring that women still can obtain contraceptives free of charge.

The federal appeals court in Chicago ruled against Notre Dame, but that occurred before the Supreme Court decided the Hobby Lobby case in favor of corporations with similar objections.

Now the appellate panel must revisit its ruling in light of the Hobby Lobby decision.

Here’s also the reaction to the ruling from the CitizenLink:

“This is a major blow to the federal government’s contraception mandate,” said Mark Rienzi, senior counsel with the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. “For the past year, the Notre Dame decision has been the centerpiece of the government’s effort to force religious ministries to violate their beliefs or pay fines to the IRS.” ,,,

“As with the Supreme Court’s decisions in Little Sisters of the Poor and Hobby Lobby,” said Rienzi, “this is a strong signal that the Supreme Court will ultimately reject the government’s narrow view of religious liberty. The government fought hard to prevent this, but the court rejected their arguments.”

Response: This is really good news for American religious liberty.

There have been around 750 lawsuits against the Obama administration’s HHS Mandate in which the government was trying force all businesses and even religious institutions to provide coverage for contraceptives including abortifacients regardless of opposing religious convictions and beliefs.

With this action from SCOTUS, it does appear that the HHS threat against the religious liberty of Christian institutions and businesses may be nearly over.

Even more important, the current Supreme Court justices in the Little Sisters and Hobby Lobby cases have substantially ruled against President Obama’s attempt to re-define the First Amendment and freedom of religion to ‘freedom of worship’ which would limit religious liberty to the four walls of a church, temple, or an official place of worship.             *Top

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