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-Kentucky: Government Overriding First Amendment and Forcing Christian Printer into ‘Reeducation’ Program

by Dr. D ~ March 12th, 2015


Here is another case where a government agency is overriding the First Amendment in favor of gay rights and same-sex marriage.

Lexington-Fayette County officials in Kentucky are trying to force a Christian printer to print messages that are against his Christian faith and in the process are violating his Constitutional rights to free speech and religious freedom. Not only that, but with shades of totalitarianism the agency is also trying to force the Christian into a government ‘reeducation’ program.

What is really diabolical about this whole case is that the Christian owner offered to arrange for the printing to be done by someone else and the complaining party actually ended up having their printing done for free but sued anyway. Here’s the story from the Alliance Defending Freedom:

As the owner of the printing shop Hands On Originals in Lexington, Kentucky, Blaine Adamson is used to receiving all kinds of print requests. He regularly makes judgment calls about where the line is in terms of messages that his shop will express or promote to remain consistent with his religious convictions. …

…when Blaine received a request from the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization (GLSO) to print t-shirts promoting the group’s Pride Festival, Blaine was honest about being unable to support the message. …

Instead, he offered to refer the group to another printer who would match his price. But GLSO took offense. Despite getting their t-shirts printed for free at another shop, they pursued a complaint with the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission accusing Hands On Originals of discrimination.  …

In a troubling ruling, the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission found that Blaine had discriminated against the GLSO and ordered that he not only print promotional materials that express messages he does not want to promote, but that he attend a government-run reeducation program.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Cases like this are showing up all over America and most are never on the national radar since many business owners capitulate. Government agencies on all levels are now consistently trumping religious freedom in favor of homosexual and LGBT rights at the insistence of gay rights activists along with their bank of lawyers. In this case free speech is also in danger of being curtailed in deference to the gay agenda.

I have also seen considerable evidence that LGBT rights organizations have pulled a lot of political strings in order to get folks sympathetic to their agenda appointed to local and state ‘civil rights’ boards and agencies.

It is my sense that gay and LGBT activists all across America, where they have the boards stacked in their favor, are now looking for Christian businesses that they can make an example of while furthering their agenda. It is obvious that they intend to challenge the strength of the First Amendment in the courts and hope to overcome it and create a legal exemption when it comes to homosexual and LGBT ‘civil rights.’

This case was appealed by the ADF and will receive a court hearing on March 13. The article on ADF website concludes with this appeal for action:

It is evident that governments throughout the country are going to extreme lengths to promote sexual freedom while ignoring our Constitutional freedoms. Please help spread the word about this case on social media, and keep Blaine and ADF attorneys in your prayers as they prepare for the hearing on March 13th.

Christian business owners who are challenged by local and state boards like this do not have to suffer alone but should seek legal help with organizations like the ADF and publicize their cases in the social media.


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