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-Costco Lawsuit: Is this Really Religious Discrimination?

by Dr. D ~ March 2nd, 2015


A former employee is suing Costco for religious discrimination after he complained about some of the requirements of his job which went against his faith. Then he was reassigned to a different position that he obviously did not like.

As a Muslim he didn’t want to touch pork or liquor which was required in his position as an assistant checker. The manager reassigned him to get the shopping carts outside instead after he complained. Here’s the story from abc7NY:

…The devout Muslim says he was working as a cashier’s assistant at the Costco in Sunset Park Brooklyn in September of 2012 when pork came across the conveyor belt.
It’s against his religious beliefs to touch either pork or alcohol. Camara says after telling his managers this, they transferred him outside collecting the shopping carts.

Camara says they never told him why he was reassigned.  …

Camara says he asked his managers if he could work in the electronics department, but his requests were repeatedly denied. He ended up filing a human rights complaint against the company.

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Response: Is this really ‘religious discrimination’? What do you think? The man did not want to handle pork or alcohol for religious reasons and was reassigned by the manager to do a different job which did not require anything against his religion.

In order to avoid ‘religious discrimination’ should Costco be forced to offer a ‘no pork or alcohol’ checkout line so this worker could keep on working as cashier’s assistant without compromising his religion? Or should the store be required to stop selling pork or liquor because it might restrict the jobs that Muslim workers might be able to do. Should a manager be required to assign a worker to the electronics department so he doesn’t have to handle products that are against the worker’s religion even if those positions are already filled?

I don’t believe that this is really ‘religious discrimination.’

If a Muslim got a job in a liquor store should he expect to be exempt from handling alcohol because of his religion? No! A religious person should merely get a job that does not require them to compromise their beliefs.            *Top

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1 Response to -Costco Lawsuit: Is this Really Religious Discrimination?

  1. Brian

    Yes, but if he was a Christian baker and refused to sell a wedding cake to a homosexual, would he be entitled to any accommodation?

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