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-Pew Study: “Latest Trends in Religious Restrictions and Hostilities”

by Dr. D ~ February 27th, 2015

China Among the Worst and Anti-Semitism on the Rise Internationally


A new Pew study on religious liberty and persecution across the world entitled- “Latest Trends in Religious Restrictions and Hostilities” showed that China headed the list of the most restrictive nations. North Korea was not included in this study since it is too difficult to get real data from that country which undoubtedly is the real ‘worst’ nation when it comes to the freedom of anything.

The study showed that religious minorities were the recipients of most of the ‘restrictions and hostilities’ noted in the study with a majority of the actual persecution coming socially or culturally rather than due to official government policy:


Anti-Semitism on the Rise Internationally

The study also shows that Anti-Semitism has been on the rise for seven years internationally:


Read the whole report, it is chock full of charts and information. Far more than can be mentioned or evaluated in this one article.

Response: Notice that most of the top offenders on the list are Muslim dominated nations. While restrictions and harassment is shown by this study to be static or slightly decreasing internationally, the reality is that the seriousness of the attacks against people of faith is on the increase particularly where the Boko Haram and ISIS are involved.

This report also seems to indicate that Muslims have been singled out for harassment nearly as much as Christians (Europe & USA). However, the severity of that persecution is vastly different particularly when it comes to the actual destruction of property, physical injuries and deaths.             *Top

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