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-Anti-Semitism on the Rise in American Universities

by Dr. D ~ February 25th, 2015


There is a new report out that confirms what many have anecdotally thought or experienced. Anti-Semitism is on the rise in American institutions of higher learning. Here’s a quote from an article about it in the Washington Free Beacon:

Anti-Semitism on college campuses is growing, with more than half of Jewish students claiming they have witnessed or been subjected to some form of anti-Jewish harassment, according to a new report by a leading human rights organization.

With college campuses across the country acting as a hotbed for anti-Israel activism, Jewish students say they are beginning to be targeted on the basis of their religion, according to a nationwide survey conducted by Trinity College and the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law.

The survey, which interviewed 1,157 self-identified Jewish students at 55 U.S. colleges, found that 54 percent experienced or witnessed “anti-Semitism on campus during the first six months of the 2013-2014 academic year.”

Also here’s a list of the top ten most offending colleges and universities in 2014:

1. Columbia University
2. Cornell University
3. George Mason University
4. Loyola University Chicago
5. Portland State University
6. San Diego State University
7. San Francisco State University
8. Temple University
9. University of California Los Angeles
10. Vassar College

UCLA is listed as #9 but recent events on campus may indicate that Anti-Semitism is even a greater problem on that campus in 2015. Recently one Jewish student running for the Judicial Board was questioned about whether she could make impartial decisions because of her divided loyalty as an active part of the Jewish community.

Response: The rise in Anti-Semitism can be correlated with the increase of opposition to the Jewish state of Israel on college campuses across America. It is also related to a greater number of Muslim students in American institutions.

Most of the blatant examples of Anti-Semitism on college campuses comes from student organizations that support statehood for the Palestinians. On a number of different occasions, when there have been rallies and conferences supporting the Palestinian movement, Jewish students have been singled out and subjected to persecution and discrimination.

This is particularly true at institutions with large Muslim student organizations like in my own area, San Diego State, UCLA, and UC Irvine. In fact the Muslim student organization at UC Irvine has ended up in trouble over their treatment of fellow Jewish students in the past. I am surprised that Irvine was not on the list.            *Top

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