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-Arkansas: These Parents Not Allowed to Pray with Their Children?

by Dr. D ~ February 23rd, 2015


(Photo: Facebook / Bring the Stanley kids home)

This is actually a story about a Christian family that has been torn apart by the Arkansas Department of Human Services. The state officials swooped in on January 12 and took the 7 children out of this Christian home without any reasons given to date.

Maybe it was because they were being homeschooled or because they never took them to see a doctor? Maybe because they grew their own food and had an inadequate diet or maybe on the complaints of their older adult children now out of the home? County police say it is a case of ‘alleged child abuse’ but the parents say it is nothing but Christian persecution.

Meanwhile the parents have been given permission to visit their children once a week for three hours.

<Read the Christian Post article about this case>

UPDATE: 7 children now allowed to go home for prayer and worship with parents.

Response: Normally I would hold off writing about cases like this until all the facts have come out. Here’s the real reason I am writing about this case now- according to the parents, state officials have forbidden them from praying with their children during the weekly visits. (See UPDATE)

Regardless of the circumstances, what right do the state officials have to forbid this family from praying and worshipping together?  After all of the facts are given, the state officials might be justified in taking the children out of this home but they should never be allowed to override the 1st Amendment and Freedom of Religion regardless.          *Top

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