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-Wesleyan University: Fraternity Sues Over Being Forced to Take Women

by Dr. D ~ February 21st, 2015


A chapter of DKE fraternity is suing Wesleyan University in Connecticut for being forced to accept women. What do you call a ‘fraternity’ that has women? A ‘fraternity/Sorority’? That is strange enough but the excuse given by the school for the change will blow your mind. From CBS News:

Members and alumni of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity at Wesleyan University have filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Connecticut school over a recent decision that requires all residential fraternities to become coed within three years.

Wesleyan announced the policy in September after several highly publicized issues at fraternity houses, including allegations of sexual assault.

Delta Kappa Epsilon said in a statement Thursday that it is seeking a temporary injunction in Superior Court after learning that students would not be given the option of housing at on-campus single-sex fraternities during the 2015-16 school year…

A spokesman for the fraternity’s alumni chapter calls the school’s decision “political correctness gone wrong.”

Response: Some of the crazy things going on in American institutions of ‘higher learning’ in the name of ‘discrimination’ and political correctness defies all rational thought and understanding.

So Wesleyan administrators decided the best way to cut down on sexual assaults at their fraternities was to make them co-ed? I guess that way it can be a 24/7 problem and not just a weekend occasional frat party situation?

Sort of like forcing Christian groups to take on atheist leaders? Another wonderful anti-discriminatory idea from our egg heads of higher learning. No wonder these folks are ‘institutionalized’ since they could never make it in the real world.            *Top

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