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-US Supreme Court Declines to Block Same-Sex Marriage in Alabama

by Dr. D ~ February 9th, 2015


The US Supreme Court declined to block a lower court ruling that would allow same-sex marriage in Alabama. So Alabama becomes the 37th state to recognize homosexual marriage over the objections of state officials and the vote of the people.

Over the weekend, the chief Justice of the Alabama state Supreme Court sought an injunction against a District Federal Court decision which over-ruled the state constitution and allowed same-sex marriage in Alabama. Here’s the story from NBC News:

Gay couples got married in Alabama on Monday despite a last-minute push from the state’s chief justice to stop them.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to block a federal court order requiring the state to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. …

(Alabama state) Chief Justice Roy Moore had ordered the state’s probate judges not to issue same-sex marriage licenses on Monday….Moore had written on Sunday night that "no probate judge of the state of Alabama nor any agent or employee of any Alabama probate judge shall issue or recognize a marriage license." …

Moore’s office said it had no immediate comment on the Supreme Court ruling, which denied a request for a stay by the state. Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas dissented.

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Response: Is this non action by the US Supreme Court any indication of how the justices might rule later this year on the same-sex marriage cases before them? Only two dissented in this non-decision in the Alabama case.

I do believe this may be an indication of how the justices might be lining up for the big decision one way or another on same-sex marriage during this 2015 court season. If so, than we can expect same-sex marriage to become the law of the land later this year from a federal perspective and a fait accompli in all 50 states.

Meanwhile, in the process the 2006 vote of the people of Alabama has been over-ruled and the Alabama state Supreme Court ignored. I still believe that major changes like this need to happen through the vote of the citizens or their representatives in the state legislature.  This is another case of judicial activism, which has been the driving force in this whole issue from the beginning, starting with Massachusetts.             *Top

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