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-Michelle Obama Draws Criticism for Not Wearing Head Scarf?

by Dr. D ~ January 28th, 2015

The President and the first lady cut short their visit to India in order to give condolences and greet the new king in Saudi Arabia. The local Saudi TV actually blurred the image of Michelle Obama in their newscasts and criticized the first lady for not wearing at least a scarf. Traditional head covering for women is required by law in that Muslim country.

Any other women visiting the country who did likewise would find themselves in a Saudi jail and maybe even receive lashes. Which has happened to American and Western female executives in the past.

Response: Hooray for Michelle! This is one of the few times that I am actually proud that Michelle Obama is our first lady. You can bet that the bowing President Barack probably wanted her to defer and submit to the Muslim custom. Not only did Michelle refuse to wear head coverings but apparently persuaded others in the American entourage to do likewise.

It is not surprising that Michelle received criticism in Saudi Arabia and around the Muslim Middle East for the ‘oversight.’ However it is the ‘non-plus’ reaction in the American media and downright chagrin among many on the Internet and in social media that is shocking to me. Michelle should be congratulated for standing up for woman’s rights in a place where there are none rather than being questioned. At least she is consistent.              *Top

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