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-Muslim Riots and 23 Churches Burned in Continuing Protests Against Charlie Hebdo

by Dr. D ~ January 19th, 2015

Muslim protests and riots escalated over the weekend in opposition to the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo which featured a cartoon of Muhammad on the cover. In Niger, at least 5 were killed and  23 churches were set on fire by irate Muslims following the prayer services at the Niamey Grand Mosque in the capital. UPDATE: The Count is now at 45 churches Torched.

The full extent of the different Muslim riots and protests are far too extensive to be adequately covered or updated on this site. Nevertheless there were reports over the weekend of protests and serious rioting in the following Muslim dominated countries:






Palestinian Territory








Response: Apparently all of these real Muslims in real Muslim dominated countries misunderstand the real nature of Islam and are all guilty of ‘hijacking’ the ‘Religion of Peace.’ Either that or the Western politicians, liberal journalists, and apologetic academics, who claim that the terrorists don’t understand or represent the ‘real’ nature of Islam, are the ones who are wrong. Which is more likely?

Actually there are hundreds of millions of peaceful Muslims around the world that would never hurt anyone. Nevertheless the tens of millions of Islamists who do support violent jihad readily cite  the Quran and the sayings and actions of Muhammad as the basis for their cause. It is time to face the truth in the West, the radicals are also real Muslims that represent a substantial number of believers in Islam. They are not ‘hijacking’ the religion if they are following the example that Muhammad set. We may wish it to be otherwise but historically Islam has never been a ‘Religion of Peace.’

Meanwhile all around the world, even in the West, the calls for limitations on free speech when it comes to Islam are also escalating. Funny thing, no one ever suggested that there should be limits to free speech when the same French newspaper was making fun of Christianity and slandering the Jews.              *Top

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