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-Pakistan: Mob Calls for Death For Charlie Hebdo Staff

by Dr. D ~ January 16th, 2015


In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks and protest marches in Paris, the debates continue this week in America and the West over the true character of Islam with concerns about escalating ‘Islamophobia.‘ Meanwhile the reactions in Muslim dominated countries are quite different:

In Lahore, Pakistan a mob of over 300 in front of the French Consulate,  continued for the second day to call for the death and hanging of the entire Charlie Hebdo staff. While last week Pakistan formally condemned the terrorist’s violence, this week the Pakistani Parliament passed a resolution condemning the image of Islam’s prophet on the cover of the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo. Not only that, but the lawmakers filed out of the building and staged a protest of their own shouting;

‘In the name of the prophet, we’re ready to die.’

Meanwhile, on Tuesday in the city of Peshawar, a Muslim cleric actually led a memorial service for the terrorist brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi which was attended by at least 40 people who carried signs and banners condemning the magazine and praising the terrorists.

It should be noted that the penalty for slandering Islam and the prophet in Pakistan continues to be death.

In Turkey the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu denounced the latest cartoons as an ‘open provocation’ and contended that:

‘Freedom of the press does not mean freedom to insult’

‘We do not allow any insult to the prophet in this country,’

‘As the government, we cannot put side by side the freedom of press and the lowness to insult.’

In Jordan, King Abdullah II called the latest cartoon-  ‘irresponsible and reckless’ and issued the following statement:

‘continuation of publishing the cartoon is an insult to the feelings of Muslims everywhere’

In the Philippines, Muslim mobs protested the latest issue and publication of cartoons by carrying banners against the satirical newspaper and burned an Israeli flag while chanting:

‘You are Charlie, I love Mohammed’

In Algeria, a Muslim militant leader and former member of an al Qaeda affiliate,   Mokhtar Belmokhtar, characterized the terrorist attack as:

‘heroic and rare attack’

  Also in his statement he praised the terrorist Kouachi brothers as:

‘two soldiers of Islam… who humiliated France.’

France ‘thought that it was immune to the strikes of the mujahedeen’

Meanwhile in Nigeria, the leader of the radical Islamist Boko Haram predictably came out in support of the terrorist killings in Paris:

‘We are indeed happy with what happened in France,’ the group’s leader Abubakar Shekau said in a video posted online.

‘We are happy over what befell the people of France… as their blood was shed inside their country as they (try to) safeguard their blood’


Finally, here are a few Muslim responses where both the cartoons and the terrorist killings were condemned:

In Egypt, Abbas Shumann, deputy to the Grand Sheik of Al-Azhar mosque commented on the new image of  Mohammad in the latest edition:

‘a blatant challenge to the feelings of Muslims who had sympathised with this newspaper.’  But he said Muslims should ignore the cover and respond by ‘showing tolerance, forgiveness and shedding light on the story of the prophet.’ 

An angry reaction, he said, will ‘not solve the problem but will instead add to the tension and the offense to Islam.’

In Jordan, a Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Murad Adaileh strongly condemned both the killings and the ‘offensive’ against the prophet. But he also announced that the group planned to stage a protest in Amman following Friday prayers in response to the latest Mohammed cartoon.

The Foreign minister of Iran, Mohammed Javad Zarif, strongly condemned the killings but noted: 

‘sanctities need to be respected.’

…’I think we would have a much safer, much more prudent world if we were to engage in serious dialogue, serious debate about our differences and then what we will find out that what binds us together is far greater than what divides us.’

<See the pictures and video and read the whole article>

Response: While the media and the left in America and the West are concerned about separating the terrorist violence from ‘real’ Islam, real Muslims in real Islamic countries continue to support the terrorist actions and violence and some are even calling for the death of the remaining Charlie Hebdo staff.

It should be noted that if someone printed cartoons slandering Mohammad or Islam in nearly any of these ‘real’ Muslim dominated countries around the world, the penalty would be prison at the very least or more likely death. Meanwhile Western apologists from the left are trying to tell us that the violence and death has nothing to do with ‘real’ Islam.

At the very least, officials from nearly all of the Muslim dominated countries are supporting new limits to free speech and calling for the UN to eliminate all slander and blasphemy against Mohammad and Islam.

It is my contention that the truth should never be dismissed as ‘hate speech’ or characterized as ‘Islamophobic.’ If the Western countries continue to try and disassociate Islam from Islamic terrorism then the truth will not be served and we will get more of the same.            *Top

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1 Response to -Pakistan: Mob Calls for Death For Charlie Hebdo Staff

  1. Brian

    “It should be noted that if someone printed cartoons slandering Mohammad or Islam in nearly any of these ‘real’ Muslim dominated countries around the world, the penalty would be prison at the very least or more likely death”

    It should also be noted that slanders or insults to Christianity are routinely dispensed in the Islamic press. Thus, while demanding that their prophet not be depicted, the Muslims (as usual) maintain a double standard towards Christian sensibilities.

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