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-Teacher in Trouble for Giving Student a Bible

by Dr. D ~ January 14th, 2015

2015 is starting out where 2014 left off with religious freedom being challenged in schools all across America. In this case a teacher gave a Bible to a student and not only lost his job within a couple of hours but the school district plans to sue him over it.  See the video above, plus here is a synopsis from CitizenLink:

A substitute teacher hands a Bible to an inquisitive middle school student and ends up out of a job. Even though the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ruled the school was wrong to punish Walt Tutka, the Phillipsburg School District in New Jersey says it will pursue legal action – all on the taxpayer’s dime.

Response: This is how far America has changed when it comes to Christianity and religious freedom in the last 100 years. My own parents early in the 20th century were not only given Bibles by the school itself but learned to read using them and a  McGuffey Reader which used a lot of Bible stories in the process. Now giving out a Bible is considered grounds for dismissal and legal action even though it was not forced on the student and its reading and use was clearly voluntary?

In my own elementary school experience growing up in the 1950’s, Bible verses were often read starting out the day and occasionally we read from it. Later in high school I even did a few book reports of books out of the Bible or books about the Bible for credit and it was never questioned. Now students around America are even being challenged by some school authorities when they bring Bibles to school.

Today, there is very little consistency across the country when it comes to religious freedom in public schools. There are some schools which allow Muslim students to leave class and gather together for prayers while other school administrators and teachers are taking away Bibles and censoring Christian students from gathering together for prayer and Bible study during breaks and lunches.

Hopefully in 2015, Christian legal organizations will be able to reach out to the public schools and districts across America and help teachers and school authorities better understand how freedom of religion and recent Supreme Court decisions should affect their handling of students. Also where to draw the line when it comes to the religious rights of teachers.

Actually, January 16, 2015  has been set apart by the Department of Education as a time for teachers and school administrators to read and study the DOE guidelines for religious freedom in the schools and to teach them to the students. Hopefully it will not be ignored by the schools in your area.                   *Top

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