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-Open Doors: Top Fifty Worst Countries for Religious Persecution

by Dr. D ~ January 13th, 2015


Open Doors ministries recently issued their 2015 watchlist of the 50 worst countries around the world for religious freedom and Christian persecution.

The following is from the report:

While the year 2014 will go down in history for having the highest level of global persecution of Christians in the modern era, current conditions suggest the worst is yet to come.

Today, Open Doors released its annual World Watch List, which ranks the top 50 countries where it is most dangerous and difficult to be a Christian. This year, the threshold was higher for a country to make the list, indicating that worldwide levels of persecution have increased. …

Approximately 100 million Christians are persecuted worldwide, making them one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world. Islamic extremism is the main source of persecution in 40 of the 50 countries on the 2015 World Watch List. While persecution can take many forms, Christians throughout the world risk imprisonment, torture, rape and even death as result of their faith.

Response: Notice that the vast majority (42) were countries where Islam is the dominant religion. Also notice that no European country is on the list and only two with a Christian majority population- Columbia and Mexico. The attacks against Christians in those two countries are substantially coming from drug cartels and organized crime though some Protestant Christians have faced a few instances of discrimination in those Catholic dominated nations.

Looking at the list, Communist countries and Muslim dominated nations were the worst of the worst for religious freedom and the persecution of Christians in 2014. Also according to the Open Doors report, 2014 may have been the worst ever for Christians but as bad as it was they expect that the worse is yet to come.

Meanwhile the dominate Western press pretty much ignored the suffering and killing of hundreds of thousands of Christians in 2014 and most American Christians were ignorant of the horrific conditions faced by many of their brothers and sisters around the world. Hopefully we can do better at informing the American Church about what is going on in 2015.            *Top

2015 World Watch List:

  1. North Korea (PDF)
  2. Somalia (PDF)
  3. Iraq (PDF)
  4. Syria (PDF)
  5. Afghanistan (PDF)
  6. Sudan (PDF)
  7. Iran (PDF)
  8. Pakistan (PDF)
  9. Eritrea (PDF)
  10. Nigeria (PDF)
  11. Maldives (PDF)
  12. Saudi Arabia (PDF)
  13. Libya (PDF)
  14. Yemen (PDF)
  15. Uzbekistan (PDF)
  16. Vietnam (PDF)
  17. Central African Republic (PDF)
  18. Qatar (PDF)
  19. Kenya (PDF)
  20. Turkmenistan (PDF)
  21. India (PDF)
  22. Ethiopia (PDF)
  23. Egypt (PDF)
  24. Djibouti (PDF)
  25. Myanmar (PDF)
  26. Palestinian Territories (PDF)
  27. Brunei (PDF)
  28. Laos (PDF)
  29. China (PDF)
  30. Jordan (PDF)
  31. Bhutan (PDF)
  32. Comoros (PDF)
  33. Tanzania (PDF)
  34. Algeria (PDF)
  35. Colombia (PDF)
  36. Tunisia (PDF)
  37. Malaysia (PDF)
  38. Mexico (PDF)
  39. Oman (PDF)
  40. Mali (PDF)
  41. Turkey (PDF)
  42. Kazakhstan (PDF)
  43. Bangladesh (PDF)
  44. Sri Lanka (PDF)
  45. Tajikistan (PDF)
  46. Azerbaijan (PDF)
  47. Indonesia (PDF)
  48. Mauritania (PDF)
  49. United Arab Emirates (PDF)
  50. Kuwait (PDF)

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