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-Boko Haram Massacres Several Thousand

by Dr. D ~ January 11th, 2015


While most of the attention in the West is turned towards Paris as many world leaders joined hundreds of thousands in a march against terrorism, a radical Islamic group,  continued their rampage killing thousands in northeastern Nigeria. 

The Boko Haram recently attacked and destroyed a village in northeast Nigeria killing several thousand men, woman, and children, probably their worst terrorist attack ever. The town of Baga, Nigeria which had a population of around 10,000 plus a military base was totally destroyed by the radical Muslim group leaving nearly 2,000 dead including hundreds of Christians, and thousands refugees. 

Apparently the Nigerian army which had a base in the town fled when the radicals attacked, again calling into question their loyalty. The civilians were left to protect their own homes and were slaughtered in the process. The Nigerian army based in the northern part of the country has a large majority of Muslims in their ranks and seems to want to avoid battling fellow Muslims even radicals like the Boko Haram.

Meanwhile the Boko Haram leaders, taking a page from ISIS, are calling the area that they control an ‘Islamic caliphate.’ Recently they announced that all towns and villages that refuse their Sharia rule would be subject to destruction. Also that all Christian churches would be destroyed in the process and all Christians who refuse to convert to Islam killed. Meanwhile, Christian leaders are calling for prayers for the persecuted Nigerian Christians.

Meanwhile, the Western press has substantially ignored the continual weekly atrocities of this radical group since the kidnapping of over 200 Christian school girls which did bring considerable media attention. Incredibly the group leader at the time announced that the girls would be forced to convert to Islam and sold as slaves.

The Nigerian government never really responded to the kidnapping which left questions about the strength of the government and the competence and ultimate loyalty of the army. The events this week in Baga once again leave us with questions about the Nigerian army.            *Top

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