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-New Congress Heavily Religious?

by Dr. D ~ January 6th, 2015


According to recent Pew Research, the new 2015 Congress may be far more ‘religious’ than average America. 92% of the member of the incoming Congress claim to be Christians including 57% who are affiliated Protestants  while nearly 31% are Catholics. The new Congress also includes 28 Jews, 16 Mormons, 2 Muslims, 2 Buddhists, 1 Hindu and 10 who are ‘Nones’ (either unaffiliated or refuse to designate).

How their official religious affiliations may affect their performance is anyone’s guess but it is interesting to at least see how the new Congress compares to the rest of America. The fact that no one has officially come out as an ‘atheist’ in this report continues a long standing suspicion that it would be very difficult for one to be elected to high office in America. Meanwhile, those who choose the ‘None’ category or refuse to designate continue to increase just like in the general population.            *Top

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